Having the right kinds of antenna is one of the most important factors in running a successful wireless network The antennas such as those by Tesswave have the same function as radio stations that transmit waves through the air. Antennas also pick up airborne waves and transmit them to a receiver, which could be a radio, TV, or, in the case of wireless networking, a router, or an access point.

In this article, an insight about types of antennas and what types of antennas to buy, and why to buy them has been provided.

Tesswave Products List

In this section, a look into the types of antennas that Tesswave provide has been listed

1. 120 Degrees Directional Antenna

A 120 degrees Directional Antenna is a type of directional antenna that uses a 120- degrees gain pattern and +/- 45 degrees slant polarization scheme. They are designed to provide high gain and maximum coverage by mitigating interferences.

2. Linear Polarization Directional Antenna (Panel Format)

The most frequent type of antenna polarization is linear polarization. It is distinguished by the fact that all of the radiation is contained inside a single plane, hence the term linear. Panel Wi-Fi antennas, as a sort of directional WiFi antenna, have a high gain and narrow beam width, concentrating all of the power in one direction, making them excellent for outdoor directional long range point to point or point to multi-point wireless connections.

3. Outdoor Directional Antenna (Panel Format)

An outdoor directional Antenna is operated on a 2400-2500mhz frequency band, they produce a 20 degrees narrow beam width from point to point, they come with an outdoor pole mount for installation, they are both rain and dust resistant

4. Long Range Outdoor Yagi Antenna

A long-range Yagi antenna is a type of Yagi antenna that can extend its range up to 5000mhz in all directions which helps to collect and transfer data in all directions. These come with an outdoor pole mount for installation.

Introducing Tesswave

Tesswave technologies is a well-known Chinese wireless antenna designer, producer, and solution supplier. We are located in Shenzhen, China, a coastal location in south China with excellent transportation ties to the rest of the world. Tesswave has a strong R&D team and extensive production experience in the antenna business, having been founded in 2010. Tesswave specializes in the design and manufacture of 2.4/5GHz Bluetooth & Wi-Fi antennas, 3.5 GHz WiMAX antennas, Dual or multiple polarized MIMO Antennas, broadband antennas, in-building DAS antennas, CDMA/GSM/3G/4G LTE/5G Antennas, Base station antennas, RFID Antennas, ISM/LoRa/LoRa WAN Antennas, VHF/U

Why Tesswave?

1. Offers OEM Antenna Solutions

There are several antennas on the website, but you’d be looking for one that is suited to a certain purpose. If you require a specific frequency range, gain, beam width, connection, or even size, Tesswave can accommodate you. Choosing a customized antenna does not necessitate a significant investment of time or money, but it can result in a greater income.

2. Variety Of Products

Tesswave offers a wide variety of products to choose from. They have an extensive range of products to offer due to which consumers have options to choose from.

3. High Reputation In The Global Market

Tesswave is a name in which consumers worldwide have shown extensive trust due to which they have a high reputation in the global market. The facilities which they provide to both consumers and sellers have added to its reputation.

4. Top-notch Quality Guaranteed

With excellent R&D capabilities and stringent quality control, they ensure that they deliver quality products to their consumers. they have a number of skilled engineers that are continuously devoted in providing top-notch quality.

5. Efficient Logistics

They have an efficient logistics service. They have partners who provide low-cost but efficient logistics services that are completely hassle-free.


The above-given features of Tesswave are sufficient in helping you to decide why you should go with Tesswave. They offer quality and durable products at very efficient prices. The consumer support that they provide is another reason why you should go with them.


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