Plastic is a common component used for various uses. It’s convenient as long as the need is there but quickly disposed of once it’s over. Plastic is non-biodegradable, so a plastic shredder comes in handy to cut it into pieces and recycle it for further use. This machine is vital in keeping the environment clean and friendly. There are different types of plastic shredders, i.e., single-shaft and double-shaft, and they differ in cost. Other elements affect the price too. This extract shows the factors that affect the cost of a recycling plastic shredder machine.

What affects the price of a recycling plastic shredder machine?

Are you thinking of owning a recycling plastic shredder machine? It is a good idea, and you should not hesitate to do so. But never assume the cost if you want to save money. Manufacturers or sellers base the price of plastic shredders on multiple components. This is why the market has different price ranges for the machines.

Type of machine

Like most equipment in stores, plastic shredders can be classified based on multiple elements. It can be the materials they shred, the bearing, etc. Those that shred hard materials cost more than those for soft materials. A double shaft is more expensive than a single shaft shredder. Choose what you want based on the specifications of choice and budget.

Working principle

Plastic shredder machines have varying working principles. Some have more principles than others, depending on their use. The complexity of the working principle influences the overall cost. For example, double shaft shredders have a complicated principle that is also more tiresome than a single shaft shredder. Also, its materials are tougher to produce; hence it’s sold at a higher price point.


There are several types of recycling plastic shredder machines on the market. Each type has a couple of models with different specifications. Despite being similar in brand, the output of each determines the price. When shopping for this machine, be keen on the specifications. They show how much output they can handle, so choose one that matches your output levels. If the machine’s output is high, the cost will be high, and vice versa.

Machine performance

The excellent performance of the plastic shredder positively affects the output. Performance gets measured by the shredding efficiency, stability, energy consumption, and longevity of the machine. A stable machine means there is little to no shaking during the shredding. The plastics need to be the required size after shredding, with no need to repeat the process. An energy-saving machine is the user’s best friend as it helps cut costs. A plastic shredder machine that meets all these needs and lasts longer costs more than others.

Bottom line

Price consideration is necessary when purchasing plastic shredders. Getting one within your budget is good; however, it should be capable of shredding the desired waste. In most cases, the price indicates the machine’s quality and performance. Nevertheless, it’s good to check the specifications, stability, energy-saving ability, etc., before getting a particular type from Alibaba.


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