Man installing alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels on roof

Nowadays, everyone wants to install a solar system in their offices. Also, most people know that they need experts to help with the smooth installation of solar panels in the home. Therefore, they search for expert solar racking system manufacturers and knowledgeable solar system installation experts. That way, most people feel safe, and rest assured that their solar racking system and panels will always work out since experts are involved.

While involving experts in your solar panel installation is the best thing, it is not the only thing to do. There are other factors you should consider before you think of calling an expert. Simple elements like the reason you need the solar panel, where you want to install the panel, the cost of purchasing the panel, and the cost of installation are some of the factors you can start with. There are some factors that you can consider after you meet with the expert, while others without the expert. Let’s examine the elements you need to consider.

Space for Solar Panel

The first thing you want to understand before you call on an expert in the space for the panel. You have to visualize the space for the solar panel itself and the working space for its installation. Solar panels can be installed on your roof(safest option), on the ground, or on a pole. Remember, it needs the sun to work optimally, so you may want to have it above the ground. However, you need to ensure your home has enough clear space on the roof, floor, or an opening for a pole. The space needs to be void of any obstruction from the sun.

Size of Solar Panel

Solar panels come in different sizes, features, and functions. You wouldn’t want to create a clear space for a solar panel, and the space wouldn’t be enough. For this factor, you may need to contact an expert to understand the different size options available for solar panels. Generally, a larger sized solar panel may have an effect on the performance of the solar system. So ensure to confirm that the solar panels that are smaller in size wouldn’t affect the performance.

The Roof Type

Before anything, you need to have a look at your roof. If you already have problems with water around your home, then maybe what you need is a roof repair, not a solar panel installation. Solar panels require bolting the panels to the roofing system, which may cause leaks, and although the solar racking has flashing, which prevents any leaks, you can’t risk that with the already deteriorating roof. Likewise, there has to be enough space on your roof that’s free from obstructions like trees.

Solar Racking System selection

A solar tracking system is what the solar system will use for seating safely and firmly on your roof for optimal functionality. For this factor, you need to liaise with the roofing expert on the type of racking system to choose.


Solar panel installation isn’t as simple as calling an expert and sitting back. It involves a lot of factors already discussed in this guide.


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