Nighttime lighting can include a specific status to your home. Perfect commercial led lighting can give a fascinating landscape to the nocturnal sight of your backyards, gardens, or even your outside corridors.  With suitable LED lights for your outdoors and backyard, you can not only enhance the external sight of your house but also can ensure the security of your place. Get all the useful information regarding outdoor commercial LED lighting before installing one for your outside decor.

Nothing is better than seizing a few memorable moments with friends and family beneath the night sky with a soothing and proper amount of exterior LED lights.

Different Types Of LED Lighting For Outdoors

Proper LED lighting for your outdoor property is necessary, not only for the exterior decor but it also it enhances your security measures. Exterior LED lights in the proper areas reduce criminality and also values your property’s worth. Different areas require various types of LED lights. Their variety depends on their usage and the beauty of the place. Various types of LED lights are available in the market such as LED Wall Pack, Flood LED Lights, Area/Site LED Lights, and Canopy LED Lights. Check below their details

1. LED Wall Pack

Wall pack fixtures are designed for outdoor lighting. Its special features flush on outward walls to illuminate building parts uniformly, it also helps in increasing visibility of the outer section of the building. Its powerful sparks can also actively participate to reduce crime in your area. Some wall pack lights contain photocells or motion detectors that automatically switch the light on in case of finding any motion outside. Full-dimension and compact LED wall packs can illuminate both downwards and outwards.

2. Flood LED Lights

Flood LED lights are designed especially for illuming large dimensions like parking, driveways, and stages, these lights are created for places and purposes that need wide light coverage. So, with floodlights outdoors you can easily arrange parties and outdoor events for friends and relatives. Handy and transferable floodlights are also available for photo and video shoots. These lights are designed with small but glancing wide beams that help to cover a wide range of space. So, you can choose floodlights for the wide range of lighting for your exterior coverage.

3. Area/Site LED Lights

LED area luminaires have been staged for the following years. It allows brightness to your outdoors, and parking as well. Its unique lighting applications are arranged specifically to leverage the thermal and optical characteristics of LED technology. Apart from this, it has multiple special features providing optimal flexibility for the precise application of the lights. The optics are plugged instantly into the area LED light boards. The elegant and sterile lines area LEDs can give style to your outdoor decors and their beautiful blending can give effect to your architectural plan.

4. Canopy LED Lights

The bright and clear beams of a canopy light can easily increase the safety and beauty of your outdoor decor.

It can not only illuminate the outer side of any house but it has the capacity to light the petrol stations as well. The canopy LED lighting can provide high vertical lighting stations, which can increase the sense of security and comfort for the consumers. So, the canopy LED lights can easily enhance the style and aestheticism of your decor.

Where Can I Buy These Lights?

Searching for a perfect Outdoor Commercial LED Lighting for your exterior decoration and security measures, don’t waste time surfing, just link to Revolve LED. It is the only solution for your commercial and industrial LED luminaires. It supplies lighting for both indoor and outdoor settings. Here you can purchase high-rated, UL, DLC-rebate, – and ETL-certified LED fixtures. With Revolve LED solution, you can decorate your high bay roofs, wall packs, outdoor parking lot, and other exteriors. Here you can get a variety of lights such as tube lights, flood lights, strip lights, shop lights, and many more!


Exteriors of any sight or house are similarly important as indoors, and in the case of illumination, it’s more important as you need security and beauty together with your exterior lighting. So, contact Revolve LED solutions and allow your neighbors to get jealous of your outdoor light decors. Revolve can provide you with the perfect lights for your outdoors.


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