Are you in need of water soluble fertilizers? You will realize that these fertilizers are different, and in most cases, the water soluble fertilizer price is one of the determinants of the quality you get. Water soluble fertilizers are slightly more costly than their counterparts. However, at Alibaba, you can find these fertilizers at reasonable and attractive prices. You will be surprised to shop even at lower prices than your budget. Their price can be attributed to their innumerable benefits. So, what are these benefits?

Benefits of water soluble fertilizers

These are multi-element compound fertilizers that dissolve in water. Water soluble fertilizers are more advantageous than traditional options like granulated compound fertilizers. If you have a farm that needs quality fertilizer that boosts plants’ health and guarantees maximum production, you should consider water soluble fertilizer. Below are some of the top benefits of water soluble fertilizers;

Plants absorb them quickly

One of the best things about water soluble fertilizers is plants quickly absorb them. The fertilizers are usually applied with water. Therefore, the crops absorb them at the same time as the water. According to experts, water soluble fertilizers have an absorption rate of fewer than 24 hours. Their quick absorption offers immediate benefits to the crops. In simpler terms, their utilization rate is high. That means they come in handy when plants need immediate minerals to survive.

They are easy to apply

Another benefit of water soluble fertilizers is their ease of application. These fertilizers do not require complex or mechanical applications. They also do not require foliator spraying. All you need is to add water to the fertilizer and apply it as though you are watering your plants. Therefore, its application is convenient and quick. It is also safer and not labor-intensive. You do not need to invest in other processes and spend so much on the process.

Uniform utilization

Water soluble fertilizers are only applied after the fertilizer has dissolved in water completely. Therefore, you must give it some time to dissolve before applying it. When you apply the fertilizer to your crops, it is used evenly. This is not the case with regular fertilizer. With regular fertilizer, you may apply more to one area than others by mistake. This means one area of your farm will thrive more than others. With water soluble fertilizers, you can count on uniform fertilization.

They are gentler on your crops

Water soluble fertilizers are also gentler on your crops. You need not worry about your crops getting damaged or burnt by the fertilizer. Their application technique contributes to this benefit. One of the biggest challenges with traditional fertilizers is their mechanical top dressing application. This technique destroys plants’ root systems and hinders normal growth. This is not the case with water soluble fertilizers as they are applied with water. The water also makes them less harmful.


Plants absorb water soluble fertilizers from the ground, like water and other nutrients. This makes them highly effective. Depending on their contents and benefits to your plants, there are different water soluble fertilizers for you.


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